Point of View

Master craftsman Jacob Clyde Eichhorn sees wood and metal differently than most.

Each stand of timber, for instance, has standout characteristics defined by geographical roots. Once they enter the home, these salvaged and hand-hewed pieces have the power to add depth and contrast to the overall image. While each slab of metal is a raw palette, waiting to be honed and handcrafted into striking customized accents.

Combined and interlaced these materials form the architectural basis of a roof over head. On their own, each possesses a unique personality that—in Eichhorn’s hands—has the makings of inspired art and atmosphere.

“I’ve been lucky enough to find that one thing. Or maybe it’s that one thing that’s found me,” Eichhorn says. “Each species of wood or cut of metal has individual potentials and unrealized possibilities. It’s my job to unearth those secrets and bring them to light.”

Eichhorn’s roots stem from Colorado ranch life. He’s apprenticed fulltime in the world of log home construction. And with an adept skill-set in wood- and metalwork, he’s transitioned into a master craftsman, with an artistic edge.

Homeowners, builders, and collectors from across the country have come to covet Eichhorn’s work. His portfolio includes metal and wood sculptures, custom furniture and home builds, wood accents and highlights, stylized signage, and he continues to work in creative collaboration with clients, bringing their visions to reality.

Eichhorn sees wood and metal with a spirited eye for style and expression, and he’s excited to share those perceptions with you—and in your home.